Pathology, Incorporated: the Facade of American Democracy

With the rigged Democratic presidential nomination behind us, the US election reality show continues. The mass media is creating sensations around what has become a national embarrassment with this…

Spot on:

Those who are devoid of empathy hide their lack of internal structure in a façade of normalcy. By emulating good human attributes, these unknown members of society prey on the rest. They have found the best way to mask their vice by infiltrating governments and directly altering the definition of the norm. Through control of monetary supply and monopoly over markets, these 1% pathological beings have financially engineered a perversion of humanity through a pyramid Ponzi scheme of Darwinian survival of the most callous and cunning. By turning morality upside down, they not only make their deviance invisible, but actively incentivize these disturbing characters, making all people engage in this race to the bottom.

Source: Pathology, Incorporated: the Facade of American Democracy

It is the construct of our civilization that is the real embarrassment.  The treatment of indigenous people, the murder of species and landbases, the drive for material wealth as the hallmark of “success” has left everyone on the fringes of moral bankruptcy with many already over the ledge. Yet everyone wants more more more like junkies who haven’t had their drug of choice lately.   How long is it going to go on like this and what are the alternatives?

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