Kathy Stevens – President/CEO Catskill Animal Sanctuary : Part 1 (video)

I visited the CAS recently.  What a wonderful place, very inspiring and interesting in how it can make you feel both happy and sad.

What I first noticed about the place was how life seemed in such great abundance. Not only were there the sanctuary animals but there were flocks of geese, there were birds investigating everywhere… it felt like the wild animals KNEW it was a safe place to be.  All the animals were so happy it rubbed off.  I even got my own headbutt from Barnaby.

It’s sad because on the tour you’re being presented with the information about how this place differs from factory farms and how all those animals are tortured and go through great suffering.  Our particular tour guide was mindful of the children in our group but it was still sad – but motivating – to be reminded of all those behaviors that are involved in the meat and dairy industries.

Kathy Stevens is remarkable and it must be so fulfilling to do what she does.  Fulfilling and also, I’m sure at times, heartbreaking.


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