Real News versus Fake News – How can you tell?

“When you mix fiction and news, you diminish the distinction between truth and fiction, and you wear down the audience’s own discriminating power to judge.”
–Bill Moyers

I use to check Zerohedge religiously every day but not so much anymore. That site, just like any other, has its own bias. Nevertheless it was a surprise to see it being blasted as “fake news” because so many go there for .. well.. news!

Zerohedge Included in What NY Magazine Calls ‘Extremely Helpful List of Fake and Misleading News Sites’ | Liberty Blitzkrieg

It’s funny and sad at the same time – have they done any actual rigorous analysis on what they determine to be “fake” news, or perhaps the assumption is that the public should just take their word again… like when the NYT assured its readers that Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning? When it comes to “fake vs fact” on Zero Hedge, we have a simple solution: we source everything, and all the data can be replicated by anyone.

Source: Zerohedge Included in What NY Magazine Calls ‘Extremely Helpful List of Fake and Misleading News Sites’ | Liberty Blitzkrieg

Liberty Blitzkrieg has the list if you want to see it.

So, what is NEWs today?  Is it based on having a paid staff of people who have college degrees in journalism? Oh really? Then what about this?

5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions

In fact, failing to place the exact corporate media organizations on the list, who for nearly a year praised fealty only to Hillary Clinton — and for decades have foisted on the public countless mendacious whoppers — constitutes a comedic lack of honesty. So, to bring that irony front and center, it’s imperative to examine some mainstream lies — most of which had appalling consequences — including the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the United States and around the world.


Not too long ago I heard an interview with a Daily Show producer who couldn’t believe that people trusted their show to provide NEWS even more than the traditional outlets.  Why is that so surprising, I wonder… anyway, this post discusses the study that proved it:  Americans trust ‘The Daily Show’ more than MSNBC   – Read more at

(Not a fan but) Donald Trump constantly blasted the mainstream media (often fondly referred to as the Lamestream media) as being dishonest and crooked and there are plenty of reasons why people believe(d) that.  Examples:

Updated 12/5 to add this excellent discussion by Democracy At Work:

Updated 11/25 and 12/19/2016 To add more:

I grew up watching the cherished Walter Cronkite  and sometimes Huntley and Brinkley. Back then people actually did trust their news, back then the news rooms were not FOR PROFIT businesses. They were considered more public services and watch dogs.  The news magazine show: 60 Minutes was when that all started to change.

By 2009 as per CNN:

A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows that only 29% of Americans feel the media “generally gets the facts straight.” This is down from 55% in 1985. The new survey also found that 60% of Americans think news organizations are politically biased.

If you follow (or saw the documentary about) Cenk Uygur you know what he went thru at MSNBC and why he started TYT (the young turks online network).  Here is another insider experience:

Can You Trust Your News Source?

So to Melissa “Mish” Zimdars and the rest who would have you believe that only those “official” media outlets are the only true news sources:  GET REAL!


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