Dr. Ford’s New Narrative: Westworld (HBO)

It’s all over until 2018, waaaaaaaaaaa!

It’s a horrible thing to think there is no more Mr Ford / Anthony Hopkins but who knows, maybe he’ll be back somehow. At least The Man In Black / William / Ed Harris will return.  I can’t remember a show that was such a puzzler for me in between episodes.  As a huge fan of the original movie I couldn’t be happier the justice given by this series.

I knew Crichton wrote the original script but was’t sure if it was from a book he’d written or, like Clark and 2001, perhaps there was a book released after…

Crichton wrote the original script and directed the film, which was released in November 1973 with Yul Brynner in the lead role as a robot gunman. A companion book was published in 1974 by Bantam/Pocket Books but it’s utterly out-of-print. It contains the script, an introduction from Crichton, and photographs from the film.


The most inexpensive I found for the paperback was $200 and the most expensive was $800…. bahahahahaha

So if season 1 was about control, and season 2 is about chaos… it’ll be a wild ride!

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