LOST (the TV series)

So I was fondly remembering the time I binged LOST with my kid. I don’t remember exactly how we did it – maybe it was cable DVR, or renting the disks… but I do remember it was one of my first binges. I never finished the entire series so when I saw it on Netflix I decided to start over and finish it.

After two seasons I think I remember why I never finished the first time around.

I cannot find a single character that I really, truly like. They can all die so far as my feelings for them go, I might blink but it wouldn’t be like how I felt (gutted) when Glen (The Walking Dead) died. I love characters that have both good and bad qualities but these folks are so downright disgusting it’s hard to appreciate their good qualities. I mean, I want to like Jack but I want to slap him even more. Oh, wait, there was one I liked: Clancy Brown’s character, Kelvin Inman. Maybe that’s cuz he’s my favorite actor of all of them….? Because he’s not actually very likeable either!

I wanna finish because I want to make my own conclusions about the mysteries in the series (although as I recall there are many loose ends and plot threads that go nowhere) but it’s going to be a struggle. I know the show was the rave at the time and I know it won lots of awards but, honestly, are there any characters more annoying than these folks?

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