Grace Slick Vocals Isolated – White Rabbit


Now everyone sings bouncing around the notes so much that this is almost a lost art outside choral group!

Where is Grace Slick / Grace Wing today?

Rolling Stone: September 26, 2012

Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick believes something that few other veteran artists would likely agree with: Aging rock stars don’t belong on a stage. “All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire,” she once said. Slick is now 72, and since a short Jefferson Airplane reunion tour ended in 1989, she has mostly left music behind to focus on her visual art. One exception was a brief appearance at a 2001 Jefferson Starship show in Los Angeles. But unlike most people on this list, Slick continues to talk to the media, and she’s often photographed at her art shows.

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