Halt and Catch Fire Intro Song – LAST SEASON 2HR PREMIER TONIGHT! #HCF

There was a $ting mashup song on Youtube called Joe and Cam but I can’t find it now. In looking for it I came across this and I had to laugh outloud.  TWO HOURS?!   But then I started listening and I was like …. yeah, background in a game or something, I can see it.

But what REALLLLLLY matters is that the last season starts tonight.  I’m quite the movie / video freak and I gotta say this is my favorite TV show since I don’t know when.  And that’s going up against cable also – sure HBO’s Westworld is incredibly fabulous but this show is the one that has won my heart.  The fabulous ensemble, Joe (Lee Pace), the dysfunctional relationships which are so real so well written and brilliantly performed, Joe, the technology to which I can in many ways personally relate, Joe, and how can you not love a show where the real IBM is an evil character?!  LOL

And there’s Joe. I’m really going to miss this complex, crazy, beautiful man.

Here’s wishing all of us a fabulous ending season to one kick ass show. Thank you AMC!

In computer engineering, Halt and Catch Fire, known by the assembly mnemonic HCF, is an idiom referring to a computer machine code instruction that causes the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) to cease meaningful operation, typically requiring a restart of the computer. It originally referred to a fictitious instruction in IBM System/360 computers, but later computer developers who saw the joke created real versions of this instruction for some machines. In the case of real instructions the implication of this expression is that, whereas in most cases in which a CPU executes an unintended instruction (a bug in the code) the computer may still be able to recover, but in the case of an HCF instruction there is, by definition, no way for the system to recover without a restart.


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