Playing OBSERVER Was Like An LSD Trip!

I played >Observer_ this past weekend and WOW! After spending way too much time playing Neverwinter this was just what I needed.

The “cat and mouse” sequences don’t get good reviews but let me just say, if I’d been playing this on a VR headset I don’t know what the hell I would have done particularly when I was in the mindlinked interrogation of Helena Novak!  When that bubbly breathing mutant spotted me and came running at me I I felt the goosebumps cover my skin like a wave from my legs to my arms and I yelled out loud! That feeling happened more than once. It was AWSUM.

BTW I don’t know if I found a bug in the HN sequence or not but there was a place along the side of the cubicles where I was hiding and ended up falling into a weird black hole not to recovery kind of situation… I had to restart the game to get out of it.  And silly me did that twice * DOH *

Speaking of which I did have to reboot the game about 2 or 3 times because it hung and it kicked me out all together twice.   (XBOX1)

Rutger Hauer is the main voice and although sometimes he was perfect other times he was a bit unemotional and mumbly.  The other voices were good, loved Janus.

The gameplay was not too easy and not too hard.  Developers used a very subtle way of leading you though where you needed to go and what you needed to do.  I will definitely play it again to pick up the stuff I missed and do an alternative ending (reject).

It isn’t a horror game like Layers of Fear, also by Bloober Team, it’s meant to be more of a thriller and it was 100% successful at that.

Absolutely one of the best games I’ve ever played and definitely the trippiest – check this out it’s from a full game walk through video and it starts at 3 hrs 41 mins 28 sec:

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