Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman – Official Trailer > Hats off to @AdamCarolla

So, I didn’t anticipate that this documentary was going to be as good as it was! I’d put off watching it because so loyal am I, as is the case with the other Lime Rock workers, to PLN’s racing legacy. I didn’t think Carolla would do it justice. I was wrong.

For racing buffs I’d tell them this movie is highly recommended.

The one thing I’m not sure he made clear enough was how life threatening racing was not that long ago. What he did get right was how precious the stories are from the race track. Which is why I wanted to make a success of but fate had other things in mind, I guess. It’s not just about the stories from the famous players, it’s all the guys who did club racing, and workers, too. They all have their stories and to me they were all interesting. I always have loved the club racing more than the pros.

I wish I could have watched this with my racer son last night – particularly the parts about LeMans – I was bombarding him with txts which he ignored. Ha. I wonder if the paps are are bad now as they were then and so much more I wanted to discuss with him, we will another time.

It was so great to see Sam Posey. Just love that guy. And how about Bob Sharp? I think he was reigned in a little bit for his interview but he still proved eloquent and concise stories which I always enjoy. I have video of him and wanted to make a trackstory of him but he said no. *sigh* There are a few like that, the ones that got away.

We all had heard that Paul had done his last laps at Lime Rock just a few months before he died but the tale at the track was that he drove them himself, didn’t know until this doc that he was in the backseat. It brought tears to my eyes.

PLN loved Lime Rock and as a new worker in 2001 I was told to never bug him because he just wanted to be one of the drivers. Being a New Yorker I’d never bug him anyway but you couldn’t help but check him out when he was around. What amazed me was how tall he stood and how bright and blue his eyes were.

My fav PLN story happened just after my father died. I took a break from the Grid and went to sit on the hill to watch the big bore race – most people’s favorite of the weekend. Everyone was talking about PLN because he hadn’t come in after failing a sound check. His penalty was to start at the back of the grid. I was so depressed and near tears all the time that weekend so I’d gone off alone and was sitting near the bottom of the hill on the boards they had there. Let me tell you… starting immediately PLN worked his way up the pack. Every time he came around he was one or two cars ahead of where he’d been the last time. By the time the end was near he was in 3rd place. The next lap 2nd place. I was on my feet cheering like everyone else watching. He never took 1st place but he surely cheered me up! That man could drive – bless his heart.

Thanks, Adam.

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