News Highlights, June 16th

Politics has been crazy this week.

Chyron from the magnificent FOX NEWS CHANNEL

Because seriously, does it get any crazier than the chyron pictured left? Wannabe Dictator? Having political rival arrested? Holy shite. And that’s a FOX NEWS ALERT.

I am alerted alright. Alerted to how much further the Murdocks are willing to go in their programming. No depth is going to be too deep. Remember that. I try to watch it, to understand their side of things but seeing sensationalized falsehoods always turns my stomach.

I just don’t think old man Joe wants to be a dictator. And I also don’t think he’s having his rival arrested. I think his rival is doing his damn best all on his own. His mouth.

Trump’s endless need to brag and show off are his own worst enemy at this point. None of his family showed up to support him. DT himself had called for protests… didn’t happen. We know he’s a freak about his numbers, how many showed up, all that popularity stuff, so we know he knows the country of MAGA lovers didn’t turn out for him. What must he be thinking now? Carol can go back and sue him for $10 million more because of what the big mouth said at the Townhall just after Carol’d won her case against him. He just couldn’t keep it zipped. Just had to say something. He’s slipping. Who will fill the void? Nikki Haley was annoying this week, wasn’t she? Could she have said, “if it’s true” at least one more time? If it’s true. WTAF. And Lindsey Graham.. this is the crazy … just watch those words come out of his mouth.

George & Lindsey

I don’t care about pro-Trump arguments anymore. I’m sorry. I’m tired of it now. I read Mary Trump’s book, it actually mustered in me some sympathy for ole Don because of his early childhood. He never really had a chance. I more blame all the people who have and still do empower him.

Maybe he has been persecuted from the beginning but he earned that. Long before entering politics he was not a good guy. Most NYers looked at him as a sort of joke. Certainly not someone commanding respect. And maybe there are two types of justice systems or whatever the GOP argument of the day is today – but everyone knows what those types are… the haves and the have nots. I think DT has run out of good attorneys. Just when he needs them most, too.

Truth is, I’m not exactly a big Democrat fan either. I wish there was someone good running for President in 2024 but haven’t seen anyone I want to vote for so far.

How about that RFK Jr? Can you imagine him having a podcast? He does. I listened for as long as I could manage it to his interview with Matt Taibbi cuz I’m a Taibbi follower. But RFKj as President… hmmmm, can’t see it.

So, yeah, crazy week in politics. Crazy week in America.

New York City skyline turns orange due to Canada wildfires

I hate wildfires. Scorched earth isn’t really all that great. The fires in Canada are significant. Canada has a a “Canadian Wildland Fire Information – interactive map“. Very helpful.

Here’s what it looks like downwind:

Inspired by the orange skies, gloom and doom journalist, Chris Hedges wrote his Requiem for Our Species this past week. It’ll make you want to drink, I won’t link it.

Dr. T’s Billboard Chart for Large Language Models

Dr T did a vid this week where he presented his Billboard chart for Language model (vid below). I got a little tingly when I went to see the sheet. Real time updates. It’s one for the bookmarks for sure!

Introducing Billboard chart for large language models + ALScore – GPT-4, PaLM 2, LLaMA-65B…

Treat this Week, a good demo of 10 AI Tools –

I guarantee there will be at least one that you’ll want.

Hayls World covers:

  2. Descript
  3. Mubert – Music generated by Mubert
  5. Nvidia Canvas
  8. ChatGPT