Game + Novel!

I am very happy with Steam. For days now I have played hours and hours of visual novel games. These are some of my most favorite types of games. Everything from WWII to A.I.! And I’m not finished yet.

There is something for everyone in this Fest where these particular games are on sale. I don’t much care for the Dating Sim, or Romance, Hentai, or Sexual Content ones but for those of you who are, there are even dozens of them. There are plenty of everything, I’m most keen on the psychological horror, history, story rich, visual rich, choose your own adventure types. Yesterday I really enjoyed Eliza. Given my current deep interest in A.I. it seemed particularly pertinent. I also love Lovecraftian based games and Dagon was a very good short game in so far as I learned some things I didn’t know about H.P.L.

I should have written about this earlier because the fest is almost over but there are still two more days.

Steam Visual Novel Fest celebrates the spirit of telling a story through art and interactive fiction with discounts and demos on current and upcoming visual novel games of all kinds. This event runs August 7 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) to August 14 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) and will include discounting, as well as sections for games in Coming Soon and games with demos.” source

Here is the list based on the “visual_novel” tag… keep clicking Show more and you’ll see they go on and on and on. I just added to my Wishlist so I could go thru the list and then go back and see what I really wanted to play. I burned out on scrolling through the list before I came to the end of it. But there are plenty of filters you can use to narrow the list. By then I’d added about 10 games to go back and see which ones I really wanted. I think all of them are on sale and some are even FREE TO PLAY.


I went to Steam to potentially purchase Baldur’s Gate 3 and discovered the Fest going on so was completely distracted to BG3. Still haven’t decided about that. It’s pricey and I’m over budget for games this year. 🙂

I’m even enjoying the free avatar stickers I’ve claimed. Sometimes it’s just the little things, ya know? Here’s mine. Isn’t she a cutie. I like her but I’m hoping for better. I have two more, I think, that I can claim.

Here are the four I’ve received so far.

Visual Novel Fest Avatars, so far, 2023

I’ll come back and update that when the fest is over.

I’ll do the same with this list. These are the ones I’ve played to completion so far (that doesn’t mean I’ve gathered all the Achievements).

Notes below.

Notes. ?/*****

Eliza was very good. Excellent story. Totally feasible, grounded, compelling. Voice overs were spot on. And you can play through this three times as least for different experiences / endings. ****

Dagon is the 1st Lovecraft one, I’ve bought a second but haven’t played it yet. I have a couple xbox ones, I loved Sinking City. I have that soundtrack. Anyway, this is pure story but what art work there is, it’s good. I did it through three times in order to get all the achievements but that’s because I wanted to read all that lore. It is also ****

I Did Not Buy This Ticket was actually good. Some of the writing got on my nerves… the guy on the busy doing heeheehee and others doing ha ha ha. Okay I’ll text that myself but in the story it pulled me right out. The artwork was entrancing. Creepy stylized stuff I love. ***

Attentat 1942 was a fabulous historical visual novel. It had video interviews, what they call mini-games, some decision tree stuff which caused me to do some interviews over. Thoughful music. A feature they call “The Encyclopedia” which you can miss if you don’t see them pop-up in the corner and click-em in time. They contained interesting photos, etc. Very good for what it is. ****

Orwell’s Animal Farm. Yikes. I made it to the 5th year. It’s a sad story. It’s very simple… Seasons change, you have decisions to make, you get a bubble to put over the different animals and select their choice. Things happen. Animals die. Those pigs, man. smh. I couldn’t bear to play it thru again. 1x enuff 4 me. Overall, a wonderful way to recall the meaning in the book. ***

Vampire – The Masquerade: The Coteries of New York. So not long after I started playing this I realized I’ve played it before. Steam didn’t have it in my library so musta been elsewhere or maybe disc I dunno. But the sad thing is that i’m enjoying the story so much I’m going with it especially when I don’t remember how it ends. 🙂

*To be updated*