Crypto & NFTs

Suffer my rant and learn from my mistakes, if you want.

A couple of years ago I was having a great time learning about crypto. I decided to invest a maximum of $200 and see what happened. At one point the balance grew to $1,500 and I was pretty excited.

I decided, okay, with these “profits” I’m going to now experiment and learn all about NFTs. And I did. I joined OpenSea. I also joined the OpenSea sub on REDDIT and took advantage of several opportunities of people offering freebies. It was great fun. Even tho I never thought the NFTs held any actual value, for me it felt free because I had all this profit in coinbase. Feeling lucky I decided to further my education and buy a couple of NFTs.

I shopped and found actual music ones. To my novice mind it felt like the music ones would actually have a bit of value, particularly if I could figure out how to download the music, perhaps use it when I’d DJ or whatever… So I first bought this one, me and 6 other owners. It’s my favorite:

You can see / hear it by clicking on the image above or you can go to Opensea and see my sweet little collection here.

Once I was feeling comfy with the NFTs I wanted to move on and get into some game(s) that had NFTs and crypto transactions which led me down a dark rabbit hole based on state laws and restrictions (Thank you, Texas. NOT!) and despite all the wallets and cryptos I tried I was ultimately unsuccessful.

I went back and messed around with OpenSea a little more. Got a few more freebie NFTs via REDDIT but then stuff happened in life that threw me off course and I lost track of all of it for awhile.

I’m like my dog, when I see something shiny (SQUIRREL) I’m easily distracted and will give chase. And that’s what I did. I found new games, new interests, moved, etc. Fast forward a year.

I did manage to keep my eye on my Coinbase balance and wasn’t too happy to see it drop all the way to about $400 but I was still holding more than my initial investment so all good. HODL 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I go to check on my sweet NFTs and to my shock I can no longer access them. My coinbase wallet wasn’t connected and when i did connect it a new OpenSea account was created. And I can’t “login” to OpenSea because there is no login, it functions only in connection to a wallet. I think that’s fubar, just sayin.

Technology is always a love hate relationship for me and this is a perfect example of why.

After some problem determination I decided it was a Coinbase problem and I was on the phone with their support person for about an hour when they decided that it was an OpenSea problem. OpenSea pretty much has given me the same procedure to try over and over again thinking I’ll get some different result. I don’t. It’s probably something I did but one thing is for sure neither OpenSea nor Coinbase can help me. I don’t think it’s because they don’t want to, they just don’t have the support tools they need to really be able to do it. Even when I asked CoinBase to confirm the wallet I was using when I purchased the 3 NFTs I bought – and have Coinbase statements proving I bought them – they couldn’t confirm the wallet used for it. It’s been two weeks of trying to get it sorted and ZERO headway has been achieved.

So, I’m officially giving up.

And I guess that’ll teach me for playing around with stuff I don’t really understand but of course that won’t stop me from doing it again the next time something shiny comes along.

So, goodbye my NFTs… I suppose you’ll be another ghost of me in the machine for as long as OpenSea carries on… 🙁