I have moved. Again.

Okay so I’m almost (but not quite!) youngest old but even for someone my age, having moved fourty-five (45!) times is a lot. It’s even more when you consider that I owned a home for ~20 years. Okay, I didn’t own it. The bank did and I paid them instead of a landlord but you know what I mean.

As a child my family moved many times and we were not a military family. By the time I was 18 we’d moved 9 times. I did not live in a dorm at Uni so during those years I moved 7 times. Then I got married and we moved 7 more times before I had my baby. Crazy, right? And lots of these have been cross country moves.

Moving so sucks. Doesn’t it? You go into what I call move mode which consists of multiple sub-modes. There’s the ordeal of finding the new place and getting that all sorted out. And here in Houston the “community leaders” who are the people you work with to see the apartments and settle the deal… they never tell you the whole truth. The last place I lived they lied like rugs! It’s not easy finding a place that you’re going to really like long term. But maybe that doesn’t matter because in Houston they can legally raise the rent 10% every year so don’t settle on something at the edge of what you can afford or else in a few years you’ll get priced out of it. That’s assuming you like the place and the community leaders and maintenance management enough to even want to stay there!

Once the milestone of landing a place is achieved you get into a prep stance where you don’t buy food for the fridge or the pantry and instead you try to use up what you have… how many times did I say, “Why do I have this?!”. And eating out all the time, even in a place full of fantastic options, gets old really fast. (Why did I pack my egg skillet?!) As you get closer you start to pack I like to be sure the stuff I use often is the last to get boxed up but even with that objective I inevitably have to dig something out of a box I already packed. (I left the egg skillet where it was.)

AI generated: I’m so tired of moving. This is my 45th time.

These days I don’t move my stuff myself. I’m way too old for that shit. So once the movers are hired and the date is about a week away, MOVE MODE goes into full bloom. The pets know it’s happening, again, and they’re not at all pleased. If you’re like me and hate living in chaos it’s particularly painful because everything is everywhere. It’s a controlled chaos but that’s just mincing words. It’s a mess.

Luckily for me I don’t even have that much stuff so the last two days before the movers arrive kicks into full pack mode. Yet no matter how much I plan for it (and don’t forget, i’m a professional planner, ha!) and get things done in advance there is always more to do on moving day. Like those last things in the fridge or bathroom.

And I always lose something.

Having retrieved my spare set of keys I had them right where they’d be safe and ready to turn it when the move completed because these days I rent. (A certain type of hell that I’d hoped I’d never experience again but here I am!) Well, guess what? I lost those keys. I have no fucking idea what I did with them. Beyond annoying.

And then there’s all the cleaning. Cleaning the new place and cleaning the old place. This is not an insignificant part of the effort, believe me.

Moving day is not the end of MOVE MODE because there is still all the unpacking and trying to recycle all the packing materials, managing the pets, and the super special things, and trying to figure out where everything is going to go. This time that’s been kind of difficult because this new place is weirdly shaped.

I was told last night the way I’ve organized the place is very ugly. *more sighs*

Even though others do all the heavy lifting I was extremely exhausted the first night in my new place. And that was the night my dog decided he wanted to sleep on the bed with me. I hadn’t slept much the night before because of all the “what ifs” and “did I do thats” which were twirling around in my brain.

So, there you have the long explanation as to why I haven’t posted anything for more than a week. I didn’t die although a couple of times I wished I had. 🙂 Just kidding.

I love this AI generated image I just creating for this post. The crazy eyes, the weird hands, the odd boxes and, wait, is that a truck or a pod…. perfect. All three images for this post are AI generated and I love them all. Thanks Night Cafe!

AI generated: Movers moving all my stuff. Again.

I’ve already opened 9 maintenance requests due to the things I’ve found as a new resident. One of which is the a/c which cools well but is very loud. It’s like that old A/C in the Holiday Inn that rattles the windows every time it turns on. Originally I was told it needed a new part they were waiting on but today the maintenance request was closed with the following comment, “It works great, it’s just old.” *even more sighs*

In case you couldn’t tell, this is my version of a moving rant. Thanks for reading. If anyone ever commented and shared their stories here I’m sure there would be lots of moving hell stories to tell but since my favorite readers like their privacy, I look forward to receiving your shared misery via email. *mwah*