Miles, Ornette, Charles, and Dave

1959, the Year that Changed Jazz

I came across this BBCFour documentary about Jazz that I want to share. I don’t know how long it’ll be up on YouTube but it’s there now… here ya go:

1959, the Year that changed Jazz

Miles Davis is an important dude in my life. Has been since the 70s. If I were older maybe I’d have turned on to him earlier but better late than never. I had the very good fortune to see him twice, the first time at the Beacon Theater in NYC on New Years Eve 1982 and again in Dallas Texas in 1985. There’s more to both stories but that’s for another post another time.

This documentary isn’t just about Davis. It’s also about Dave Brubeck, Charles Mingus, and Ornette Coleman. Absolutely fabulous. If you love jazz then this is a must.

“It makes you feel life so deeply you could almost cry. It didn’t really sound like a trumpet anymore.” – Charlie Hayden.

Amen, brother.


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