Halloween in Virtual Worlds

I love Halloween time of year no matter where I am. In NY it meant tickets and a night of fun at the Headless Horseman Hayrides and I really miss that. But at least I still have SecondLife. True, I haven’t been there hardly at all the last 6 months but Halloween always draws me back in. (I’ve been gone so long I have forgotten some pov controls!! ha!)


It really is kinda the next best thing to being able to go somewhere in person. I like to search on rides and houses. The ride with image above wasn’t so great because the SIM music was hard rock. Come on guys… some ambience needed, please!

There is a List of Haunted Places for each year which is a good guide. And people post photos of them in a FLICKR group here. If you’re old enough and have an account you can see them and add to them if you join.

But I just use search and decide for myself what’s best because … well… ambience is a huge factor for me. Still, it’s great fun seeing the amazing creativity that goes on in SL. I really liked Bayou Chat Noir but I’m not done exploring, yet. And, of course, there is always Innsmouth.

There will be gorgeous Christmas sims as well.

You can join SL for free. It doesn’t take much computing horsepower. There is the SecondLife Viewer and others, take your pick. And check it out for yourself.

In addition to SL there is Sansar. I’ve written about it before. Sansar does not have all the scary options that SL has but it does have a few.

Mandala Moon – Halloween is pretty cool. And there are many others. Some don’t load properly but many do. Just keep plugging away… that’s what adventuring is all about.

In fact, that’s what virtual worlds are all about even when it’s not a holiday. It’s getting in there to see what other people have created or perhaps even creating something yourself.

hmmmmm maybe I should give my Jazz Note club in Sansar a spooky makeover?!

However you spend your Autumn holidays have good ones and stay safe!

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