Podcasting with Friends, Episode 12

All about the Starship Launch.

Just talking about the experience I posted a blog about today. No tags for this one.

As usual we have misinformation so here are some corrections / clarifications:

  • I don’t think “chase vehicle” is the correct term for the jet that was circling overhead but I don’t know what it should be.
  • Population of Houston Texas is 2.288 Million as of 2021.
  • Info about Chinese man arrested: article.
  • Boca Chica was not destroyed by hurricane, here’s an article about what really happened.
  • Starship has 33 not 32 raptor engines. Check out the beast here.
  • SpaceX wants to go to the moon. They have a joint project with NASA and in fact are causing delays. Read more here.
  • I just tried to find the newest Musk deep fake to con people out of crypto. No luck.

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