Another NaNo another Novel

Hit the 50,000 word milestone today in my latest novel, Something About A.I.

Scrivener Statistics as of this moment

“Something about A.I.” is a placeholder name. I haven’t decided the final title yet. Same for the chapter titles. 

This is only the first draft of a novel based on my short story that you can read in the 2023 Bay Area Writers League Anthology with the theme this year being: Space. One of the four short stories I contributed to the anthology is titled, AI Goes To Space. I wanted to write a long version of that, and I have.

You can read the anthology story here as it is now for sale on

It was the first year that NaNo doesn’t do anything specific to “winners”. At least last year there was a confetti burst for me. Winners are made to feel special by receiving a link to special deals, etc. Now, nothing. Being a Winner discriminates, doesn’t it? I bet that’s why.

It always feels great to hit the winning milestone in NaNoWriMo. This year I brought two people along with me for the ride. Seeing them greatly benefit from the experience was a reward in itself. I also learned something new this year, as I do every time I make it through the month and hit that mark. I learned that maybe I don’t need NaNo anymore to have a true daily habit of writing. And, I may not do NaNo again… what’s the point when you can’t be a “winner”? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Waking up, doing the first chores of the day (coffee, walking the dog, etc.) and instead of watching the news — which is so f!@#ing depressing — creating something new makes my day better. That’s what matters. New habits formed for the better.