Something About AI, update

Write — Edit — Format — Repeat

Since completing my 50,000 words in NaNoWriMo I think I have truly establishing a writing habit. I’m still getting up, having coffee, walking the dog (not necessarily in that order) and then settling in to write. Actually, lately I’ve been doing more editing than writing.

I got sick of my AI novel. All that writing, then a week of 5–8 hrs a day editing and only getting about 25% through a first pass. Becoming more and more convinced it totally sucked. I hated it. I never wanted to see it again. How did I ever think it was something special?!

So then I put it aside and went back to editing my 2022 NaNo project, the 30 Stories in 30 Days. I edited every one. What do I do when I edit? It goes something like this:

  1. Read the story and make updates.
  2. Paste and publish a story in, let the AI read it to me while I listen for snags and make updates. Then I delete it. (Medium reader is the best!)
  3. Paste into a file and let Grammerly uh, I mean Grammarly have a look and make updates.
  4. Paste into and run lots of reports and make lots of updates.
  5. Repeat for next story.

I did that for all 30 stories. Then I contacted my editor to get a final quote for how much. Soon as she gets back to me on that I’m going for it.

I also contacted my most gifted friend, Brett Botbyl, to do the book cover for me. He’s on it. BTW, Brett and I did a podcast about writing that’s on my website. About time we did another one. I feel like a novice when I compare my writing to his — I’m such a fan. And his graphic art skills are not slacking either. He’s the best.

But while all that was going on I chatted with two dear friends and shared with them my angst about the AI novel. One really wanted to read it, the other agreed to read it. I wanted to get honest feedback.

After reading they both confirmed it’s a winner; one called it riveting, the other said it’s a real page turning. But we all agreed it needs lots of editing. Their input was so helpful to me, I’m now motivated to carry on.

Also, while I took a break from the AI novel I was able to sort out what it was about the book that was bothering me so much. The story isn’t finished. This is going to be Book 1.

I now know what I want to say next and today I started Book 2.

I’m spending time each day editing Book 1 and working on Book 2.

I used NightCafe to create a few images to help picture important characters in the novel. Here’s what I got for Aton Amasse:

So cool!

Stay tuned for updates.