Too Big to Jail

I am so tired of hearing people say we have a two tier justice system in this country.

If Only.

Every adult, and plenty of children, are well aware of how the justice system works in the USA. It works as follows.

If you do not have money you’re sadly out of luck. You can’t pay for representation. You may get a public defender but they can’t do you any favors (through no fault of the pubdef). You can’t come up with bail so you sit in jail whether you’re guilty or not. And so much more, there have been books written about how the have-nots suffer.

If you do have money you can hire an attorney and perhaps even preempt issues. You certainly get more favoritism when you go to court. You get an attorney for a traffic violation, for example, you have about 90% chance of getting the violation dropped, reduced or in some way improved to your benefit. And the same applies for the most serious crimes.

Those last two paragraphs don’t really describe a two tier system because the in the 2nd case, the more money you have, the better attorney / law firm you can retain and the favoritism provided to your benefit increases even more. It is almost like a sliding scale of benefits.

And now we’re watching the news each day lay out yet another tier of justice for the whole world to see (Globally it’s always been there but we’re seeing here in the USA for perhaps the first time). I refer to this as the The Too Big to Jail tier. When you’re in that layer you can do nearly anything. Even if you have hired really bad attorneys.

Look, for example, at the folks who participated in the violence of Jan 6 at the USA capitol building. So many of those folks are in jail now. Even ones who had loads of money for attorneys. And yet, the one who motivated them to action has only been charged; with plenty of us wondering if he’ll ever, truly be held accountable.

And charged, he is, with scores of crimes. And what have we seen? We have seen a thug like approach to the justice system finally attempting to hold Toldemort accountable. Countless threats. New lies, repeats of old lies, and infinite denials.

Some say it’s a test of the justice system and justice will prevail. But public confidence is low. We are watching activities take place that we know that no amount of money in our bank account would entitle us to behave the same way. We know if we retained attorneys we’d be very hard pressed to get them to do anything like what we’re seeing Toldemort’s attorneys do (mostly for our own benefit). That’s because they’re not calling their own shots, Toldemort is. It’s disturbing to see. It’s disturbing to know that if he gets re-elected he will probably get out of everything, somehow.

I know, I know, E. Jean Carrol has had her day but she doesn’t have her money yet, does she? I’m hopeful she gets what’s been deemed fair for her but I’m not holding my breath. And that’s just money. Does anyone really believe Toldemort is going to be wearing a color coordinated (orange) jumpsuit? (I can’t see us having to worry about whether or not tax payers should actually pay for his secret service detail while in the big house. Am I right?) At worst I believe he will wear an ankle monitor while living large at Mar-a-Largo. Which he will no doubt violate somehow, someway.

So, no, there are not two tiers of justice in the USA. There is the tier of the have-nots – who get screwed every day. There is the sliding scale of the moneyed people who get breaks and opportunities the have-nots don’t get. And there is the rich and powerful, too big to jail tier, who’s members get away with things no one else can. And, honestly, go on to be dictators of some sort.

April 7th Update

Having doubts? Ben says it right here… wait for it (~5:30)

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