Podcasting with Friends, Episode 13: 2024 Eclipse

Bucket List Alert!! 2024 Eclipse.

Been awhile, we keep making plans to have a podcast play date but then don’t.

However, Rob checked off a Bucket List item yesterday and, like my Starship item, it’s best to talk about the experience as soon as possible in order to capture the memory before it starts to fade.

Rob is a space and weather guy. My friend and I shared a bunch of experiences by going to huge-ass telescopes to see the sky, to planetariums, and that sort of stuff. I knew that eclipses are a big one for him but I didn’t realize he was going on a road trip for this one. I should have known, my bad.

Yesterday a swath of the USA and Canada had a totality eclipse experience. I didn’t travel for it. I kind of had a “meh” attitude about it for whatever reason. Yet I did get a glimpse of it.

But, Rob had the full experience. Here’s what he had to say about it. (We had sound issues so I do apologize for the volume variations.)

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