Games Galore

I have been a gaming fool for the last few days.

I started with getting back into SANSAR. I was wrong about one thing, there has been a huge increase in the number of worlds. That is one change I’ve noticed. And boy-oh-boy did I go down the rabbit hole creating my own world.

My silky tee with the Jazz Note logo.

For the fun of it I created a jazz club. I used one of the standard Create Worlds base and then modified it a bit… adding bottles and crates, moving things around, changing what’s displayed on the screen, adding a logo i created with Canva, and then decided to utilize the merchandise link and created a silky t-shirt. That took forever!!! I spent hours and hours trying to get it working via Blender. Never happened. When trying to import the tee.fbx I either got this error: “This item is missing information on the avatar skeleton.” OR ’22 avatar skeletons found, can only have one’. Frustrating beyond words. So then I created the tee in Marvelous Designer and waa-laa… and it worked just fine!

I used a first gen Oculus (not mine) to check things out in Sansar and the club looks okay. It’s nothing special. Then I went – via the Oculus – to a live show… the sound was terrible! Not sure what the problem was but made me think twice about using my club to try and have live events which was a primary goal for me.

In fact, I encountered so many user un-friendly aspects to Sansar that I’m not so sure it’ll ever find real success for the masses. (I’m making a list.) Sure, there are beautiful worlds in there but for a newbie it just is not easy to use or to create. And it takes a long time for things to load and build and you have to switch a lot between build and visit which is a p.i.t.a…. So, I just don’t know about Sansar but I did invest in it. 🙂

Then, for a gift, I received Hogwarts Legacy and have been playing that on my Xbox. I had just started Citizen Sleeper – which is a really cool game! – but have now put that on the back burner because Hogwarts is more fun. BTW, signing up online to join WB and the Harry Potter Fan Club got me some cool bonuses.

I’m only about four hours in but Hogwarts Legacy is quite the game. After making my character the introductory (tutorial) adventure was fabulous. It’s visually gorgeous – total eye candy. So far the story is good. I am enjoying being a new kid in 5th year and I also love how it’s set in the late 1800s – generations before Harry et al. Since I signed up for the fan club, for the goodies, I went through the process there to get my wand, patronus, and sorted into the right house for me which was determined by going through some questions. Then, for getting assigned to my house, there was the change over to the app on my phone which used XR and that was fun too. I haven’t done much XR but wearing the Sorting Hat made me giggle.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Read all the books. Seen all the movies (more than once) so I’m enjoying how they’ve incorporated so much of JK’s bits and pieces into the game. It’s great to see Hogwarts come to life, moving staircases, animated portraits and all. I’m a huge fan of JK, too, and have paid ZERO attention to any criticisms regarding her positions and beliefs. Boycott the game? No way! I’m definitely looking forward to spending scores of hours in Hogwarts Legacy!

And lastly, but certainly not least, the game I play the most: Second Life (16 years and counting)… I just learned that one of the browsers for the game, Firestorm, has a VR module and people have actually accessed SL in VR mode! O M G

I can only say that this incredible development probably snuck past me because for 2019 – 2022 I was consumed with an online game (TORN) AND because I never saw news about it in Steam or HTC Vive land. But now it’s on my horizon! More to come on this one.

I’m old … I’ve been a PC gamer since 1983 so I will write about games from time to time. I think they’re better for people than watching TV. Gaming is good for you. Believe it!