News Highlights, February 17th

Five favorites from this week. I didn’t watch hardly any news because sometimes it takes fortitude to ingest our media coverage of events and this week I decided to take a rest. But some pierced the protection force field anyway:

The Ohio Train Derailment Saga Continues

I’m glad I don’t live in East Palestine! What a disaster. Although if you’re watching every day brings some sort of man made disaster somewhere. In fact there have been other spills de derailment since the Ohio one. I won’t tell you all about the spills because so many others have. Read these:

Worried residents near Ohio train derailment report dead fish and chickens as authorities say it’s safe to return. Residents around East Palestine fear they, their animals and water sources were exposed to hazardous chemicals.

East Palestine derailment: Chemicals appear to pose low risk of health hazards, state officials say

Ohio residents suffering chemical spill furious after rail company skips town hall
A Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed Feb 3

What’s known about the toxic plume from the Ohio train derailment
Pennsylvania’s governor said Norfolk Southern’s response to the disaster has put first-responders and residents ‘at significant risk’

How dangerous was the Ohio chemical train derailment? An environmental engineer assesses the long-term risks

‘This is absurd’: Train cars that derailed in Ohio were labeled non-hazardous
Ohio governor calls on Congress to investigate how that could happen.

Jon Stewart’s coverage of it.

“And don’t tell me it’s safe.” Amen, brother! The EPA has been hamstrung and raised levels on damn near everything wrt to safety. AND let’s thank Trump for all his deregulations because that plays a huge part in this catastrophe for those people, their lands, and the Ohio River which was already the most filthy river in the USA. So it was hilarious to hear some blame Pete Buttigieg.

Fortitude, folks. Fortitude.

ChatGPT, the saga continues

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing is getting ‘unhinged’ and argumentative, some users say: It ‘feels sad and scared’



Dianne Feinstein – hun, it’s time to go.

The rumors of her mental health have been circulating for at least five years. That’s when I first noticed, anyway. And now I think it’s safe to conclude that her fellow Californians, and maybe even staff, are forcing her out albeit gently. And well deserved, too. The woman is 89 years old! Why don’t our politicians get forced out of their work place the way we get forced out of ours when we get around 60. I’m not saying that 60 is too old but I’m thinking 80 is a fair age for people to actually retire! (And that includes Bernie, Biden, and Trump too.) Over 1/6th of the US Senate is age 75 or older. Nice job if you can get it. It’s just my opinion sorry if it offends my fellow seniors.

Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley Runs for Office

I heard a c-span reporter say that Nikki’s actual quote about trump was “I wouldn’t run against trump without talking to him first.” Well, I’ve watched several videos of Haley, and what she said. What she said was: “I would not run if President Trump ran. And I would talk to him about it.”

I also saw some postings claiming Haley was a quitter. She quit the UN Ambassador role, she quit as governor, and she quit the Boeing board after less than a year. I don’t think she’s a quitter. She leaves for good reasons.

She did say in her announcement to run as President that there should be mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 (which was met with dismissive attitudes). Well, as per my blurb above I support that unless it’s the sort of stupid-ass five-word cognizant test trump took. Please. Scan that brain for alz – make it a real test!

Anyway, I don’t think she has a chance. Maybe she did call trump and said, I’ll do this till you pick me as your VP?

More About J.K.

I did a post about gaming and mentioned JK Rowling. So it interested me this week to see this opinion in the NY Times: In Defense of J.K. Rowling. Made me happy to read it and I’m in full agreement of it. Of course the NY Times is being blasted about it. I’m also in full agreement and thankful for the explanation provided in this article from 2022: Not Everyone is Male or Female.

You can never make everyone happy or satisfied so what is the solution to this particular conundrum? First, everyone could stop blaming and hating on everyone else. You can’t demand tolerance by being intolerant.

It’s an amazing time where people of all types, in the USA and other countries, are being freed to live their lives as who they want to be and not be threatened, condemned, or persecuted because of it. We’re just getting there. It’s only just hitting that tipping point. During this week of celebrating LOVE (which is what I view the Valentine’s Day holiday as being all about) maybe it’s a good time to remind everyone that if we just look a little bit we can find things we all share, that we all have in common and that’s what we should celebrate.

Jo Cox