Bay Area Writers League

If you’re a writer you may want to find a local group or you could join ours.

I have mentioned the BAWL here on my website many, many times. I’m a member. They helped me through NaNoWriMo last year. And now I’m their volunteer webmaster and editor for the weekly newsletter and annual anthology. I didn’t exactly want all that work but the group is so dedicated to what they do I’m happy to help out. For now, anyway.

I’m writing about them today to share the announcement that the 2023 Anthology effort has commenced. This year it is open to non-members. The theme is: SPACE. And people can submit up to three items each.

We need at least a dozen people to submit items and achieve a minimum of 250 pages or else we’ll cancel the service.

For anyone who’d like to be published it is a reputable organization to be part of for that effort. Please see the BAWL website for more details.

Writers groups are very different. I’ve been in many. Some are cold and intimidating – full of rules and somewhat controlling. Some are welcoming, loose, and encouraging – like, BAWL. It’s an amazing thing for such a diverse group of people to get together because of a common interest, common passion and obsession, and support each other. The world needs more of this.

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