AI News

I didn’t do a news highlight yesterday. I wrote it and then killed it. Just wasn’t in the mood. But as usual I had AI stuff in there. But I came across this video that covers way more than I planned to cover and included what I wanted to share (Hinton). So have a look:

This content is another validation of my opinion that AI is going NOWHERE. It’s growing like kudzu in the summertime!

The wearable computing Ted Talk was pretty exciting. Lemme save you the click:

WatsonX AI was reported on. Had not heard anything about that – and it wasn’t exactly in a good way.

Creating games via prompts got all my wheels turning. That would be something I could take advantage of, certainly. In fact, to an extent, like creating a text based – interactive fiction – sort of game might already be something I could do. hmmmmm

I also didn’t know that Spotify and “the industry” are against AI generated music. Seems like a gray area to me too! Reminds me of the Napster days. KILL IT AT ALL COSTS! I’ve recently started adding a tiny clip i made via AI to my podcast. Would something like that be offensive?

How about that MusicLM website. Wow.

And he covers a lot the Google AI stuff recently announced. To those who’ve said Google is way behind… looks like they’re catching up (more than IBM).

So, yeah, great AI news. Check out Matt Wolfe’s entire video to see it all and unlike some he tells his stuff at a bit of pace so i never have to increase the speed on his videos – always nice.