Gaming & Second Life

Awhile back I stated I’d quit gaming. Okay, so that lasted about a week. If that long. What I quit is Second Life. Which, to me, isn’t so much a game as it is a metaverse, a life simulation, a place where people go to find things they cannot or do not have in their first life.

I’ve been playing lots of Hogwarts Legacy. I really like that game. I’m particularly happy with my vivarium and I particularly suck at achieving the combat objectives. So, totally my normal self there. I’m also revisiting Observer. Kind of appropriate for my current frame of mine. On Steam I bought, Just GO and am learning strategy as I play against the computer. I also want to get back to Star Citizen and see if I can ever f!@#ing fly well like I did in No Man’s Sky. SC is not easy but I want to keep trying. Not yet, but eventually. And, best of all, I have an irregular online D&D game (we use Discord, Roll20, and D&D Beyond) and am actively looking for a RL tabletop D&D game. That about rounds out my gaming needs and those are enough for the present.

In SecondLife, my gorgeous strip of land is up for sale. I drop the price a bit more every week but it’s priced according to those around me now so I don’t want to drop it any further. Especially when it’s a corner parcel on the mainland which all the other parcels are not. It’s really gorgeous but it’s time for me to let go and move on. Soon as it sells I’ll cancel my paid membership to SL. I won’t delete my account because, who knows, I may want to go back someday and if I do I’ll have the $L from the sale to buy something new. Only time will tell.

So, of course, I’m also no longer DJing in SecondLife. Everyone was lovely when I quit their clubs and said I can come back anytime but I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again. I’d become very dissatisfied with what I was doing, having been inspired but someone who live mixed I realized I was being lazy and boring and wasn’t getting the pleasure out of it that I once had. So now, instead, I’ve set up my AKAI MPK249 and am using (learning) Ableton Live 11. It’s good for me to get back to playing a keyboard and making my own music. Probably nothing anyone will ever hear but me.. unless maybe I use it on a podcast or two.. and that’s fine. It’s mine.

Why no more SecondLife? It’s not fun anymore. The lights went out. And games are all about fun, aren’t they?