Adventure 052023

I’m going to tell this one mostly in photos all from my phone and WP app.

May 23rd. Can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve flown!! Off we go to Louisville, KY.

There’s nothing on the wing.
Peephole gorgeous.
The Capitol. Frankfort KY
Kentucky River

May 24th

State Arsenal museum
Vantage view
125 E Main
Ky Historic Society

May 25th


At Frank & Dino’s I highly recommend the pasta primavera!

Frank & Dino’s

May 26th


Creating Shrubs as base for amazing drinks!

May 27

Miss Evie & Rudy

May 28th

View from Fort Jefferson. Bardwell, KY

May 29th

The pond

May 30th

THE pie

And just like that, in a flash of time passing too fast, it’s home I go.

May 31st.

Planning the next adventure.