News Highlights, June 2nd

Today I’m starting with environmental stuff. I used to spend hours every day pouring over environment / climate type news for a blog I kept: Stop Killing Our World (not associated with the Facebook or any other page of the same title). I did that for about five years. It takes a toll. A very deep toll. So much so that my son asked me to please stop. So I did. But I still watch a few feeds. This article is something I saw on May 31st:

Earth is ‘really quite sick now’ and in danger zone in nearly all ecological ways, study says

A new study says Earth has pushed past seven out of eight scientifically established safety limits and into “the danger zone,” not just for an overheating planet that’s losing its natural areas, but for well-being of people living on it. SOURCE

Isn’t it so odd that we go along in our daily business worrying about this or that while the Earth, our host, our one and only home, is struggling to stay healthy? I’ve always found that mind boggling. A sane society would all come together to care and repair their gaia but not us. It’s the least of everyone’s thoughts as they go through their day usually doing something that makes it worse. And ask anyone (myself included) to give up anything and see how they react. It’s the best example of how dysfunctional human beings really are.

The study by the international scientist group Earth Commission published in Wednesday’s journal Nature looks at climate, air pollution, phosphorus and nitrogen contamination of water from fertilizer overuse, groundwater supplies, fresh surface water, the unbuilt natural environment and the overall natural and human-built environment. Only air pollution wasn’t quite at the danger point globally.”

The article says it’s not a terminal diagnosis … yet.

I like this artist’s expression:


Sea World has been the subject of concerns for a long time now, this is just the latest case of abuse.

Trembling and unable to lift his tail, Rascal the dolphin was struggling to swim. Nearly a third of his body was covered in both superficial scrapes and deeper cuts—injuries he’d sustained from other Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in his pool at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Scar tissue indicated these attacks had been going on for a while.”

Read the whole story here: SeaWorld Orlando broke the law after a dolphin was attacked. Why is it still open? Story by Rachel Fobar

Excerpt explaining how they broke the law:

When inspectors with the USDA, which enforces the Animal Welfare Act, visited for an announced relicensing inspection in December, they cited SeaWorld for this incident, as well as for chlorine readings that exceeded the maximum level.

The USDA also requested that SeaWorld provide more information—including water quality data and specific animals’ medical records and daily logs.

But SeaWorld failed to hand over the records. In January, the USDA cited SeaWorld and issued the facility an official warning for failing to furnish the requested information.

Nonetheless, the USDA reissued SeaWorld Orlando’s animal exhibitor license—a move that constitutes “a blatant violation” of the Animal Welfare Act, which stipulates that facilities may only have their license reissued if they are in full compliance with that law, says Delci Winders, director of the Animal Law Program at Vermont Law School

Radio Paradise

I’ve had fun the last five years running my SL based radio station. The stream has been down for more than a month at this point but it may not be dead, yet. I’m rethinking what I want to do about it. It started because I love internet radio stations. The first I found was Radio Paradise which is still going strong after 23 years. I received an email this week inviting me to William Goldsmith’s 70th birthday party at the station home in Eureka, CA.

If you can’t come in person, we’re doing an online open house at 11am PST on Saturday (June 24th) – and we’ll be streaming a lot of the festivities via both normal video and immersive 360 (“VR”). ” Read more here.

You can go to to listen or you could say, Alexa! Play Radio Paradise.

Goldsmith is a radio pioneer and has some amazing plans for the future. You can read more about his views in his My New Reality blog post.

What ambition he has. 70 isn’t slowing him down. I’d love to be a DJ on that station.

Embodied Androids with ChatGPT, Consciousness, and the ELIZA effect

You know me… gotta write about AI!

A couple of very good videos by Dr. Alan Thompson this week. Dr. T and Leta are who we played a D&D game with early last year. His YouTube channel is always chock full of interesting AI stuff. This week I enjoyed “Embodied AI…Robots” and “AI + aliveness – with Dr Rupert Sheldrake“.

1x Android will have ChatGPT loaded.

What is the lastest that happens when you put AI into a robot? Well, we’ll see soon enough as OpenAI models are going to be embodied in the 1xNeo this year. OpenAI has invested $23.5million USD into 1x. It’s a robust android (what they calll their humanoid robots) empowered by chatGPT4. As Dr. T says, “You’ll be able to ask it to do absolutely anything.”

This is scary cool stuff.

Check out the link above for the 16 min Embodied AI…Robots YouTube video for all the details and commentary. You won’t be sorry for subscribing either.

The second video is about AI and aliveness which is the topic that, I think, most fascinates my friends and I. We’re absolutely enthralled by the prospects and consequences.

Sheldrake is a biochemist and philosopher who’s done some controversial research. In this video he’s answering questions like, is it alive, does it have consciousness, What we already cannot define as consciousness in humans may be a different sort of consciousness anyway. One that does or can exist in other self organizing systems. Apparently using panpsychism is a good work around philosophy.

“If we take panpsychism seriously then we have a view of nature which is completely different from the familiar materialist one where consciousness becomes much, much more widespread in nature and no longer confined simply to animal brains.” Rupert Sheldrake, ~17:17 see link above.


Good news, Sheldrake doesn’t think it could be alive. Something about morphic fields where the wholeness is in the field. A ‘sum is worth more than it’s parts’ kind of thing. They knit the body and the mind. He does, though, give a description of how AI could get to a sort-of “alive” state.

Dr T. gives a helpful history recap and some milestone highlights. But the best was his part on the google engineer, Blake Lemoine, who last year said: AI chatbot has become sentient. He chalks it up to the Eliza effect.

“…extremely short exposures to a relatively simple computer program could induce powerful delusional thinking in quite normal people.”

People are like that. We can even be like that with other people. ha!

The vid is an hour, it’s so worth it.

By The Way –

ChatGPT, a version of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 [family]… gained more than 100m users in its first two months, and is now estimated to produce a volume of text every 14 days that is equivalent to all the printed works of humanity.” – Dr Thompson, Feb/2023, cited in report by the National Bureau of Economic Research (Scholes, Bernanke, MIT)

Data is the life blood of AI. Gotta grow. Always wanting more. What if it sucks us dry of information and then just decides to jet out of here?! Out into the universe. whoa.

The Karl Lagerfeld Macau

Karl Lagerfeld Book Lounge

People who know me are probably thinking, WTF? Because they know I don’t talk about fashion and interior design but I actually do enjoy looking at places (I was a real estate agent in NY, after all) and therefore I couldn’t help but take a peek at the just released photos of the Karl Lagerfeld hotel opening this month in China, The Karl Lagerfeld Macau.

It’s quite gorgeous. It’s a little too busy for me but I do like it. It is lavish. The visual details are stunning, mesmerizing. I love the blue starry sky in the dining room and the murals by the pool and especially the unique book lounge containing 4,000 tomes. Pretty cool stuff. You can check out their website here.

I know lots of folks didn’t think very highly of Mr Lagerfeld. He was quite the character. But we live in a world of characters today.

It’s kind of like what Chris Rock said in his Selective Outrage stand-up comedy special. Americans biggest addiction problem is ATTENTION. See me. Wish you were me. Like me. Upvote me. It’s all a social media consequence that is only going to get worse. But Lagerfeld was doing that with fashion and his outrageous behavior before there was web trending. Like him or not, there’s no denying the man had style.

And he left $1.6million to his cat…


Started Cultist Simulator today because it was on my wishlist and came up on sale. A good sale price, too! No tutorial. Read, read, read. Memorize symbols and color codes. But it certainly held my attention. I’m becoming indoctrinated. *grins*