SONG OF THE MOMENT, update 3/17/24

Chumbawamba – I Get Knocked Down.

About Musical Me

My mom started me on piano lessons when I was 7 years old, Nan Hedges was my teacher. I wish I’d paid more attention and could sight read better but I was a sneaky child and I’d always get her to play the piece for me first and then I’d mostly learn it by ear. Our family didn’t have much money so I’ll always be grateful to Mom for doing this for me. I also played guitar and flute for awhile.

I was a performance major for a minute at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky as a piano major, voice minor with an additional minor in electronics. All the while being a co-owner of Frankfort’s Finest Record Shop (a new & used record store) where we also had a recording studio. This was back in the days when a TEAC 40-4 was state of the art.

Today I have a simple The One piano and an AKAI pro MPK249 plus a few harmonicas and a gorgeous little Kalimba.

I have been doing online DJing for the last 6 or 7 years using Sam Broadcaster pro and MIXXX. Taking a break and changing the stream. Stay tuned.

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