Oppenheimer’s Dream or Nightmare? The Nuclear War we almost had in… 1983!

Out today is Christopher Nolan’s: Oppenheimer!

Mr Nolan is also in my top 5 Directors list. This movie is going to be so good. I cannot wait to see it but I won’t be going on opening night. I’m in the 4th largest city in the USA so I’m going to wait a couple of weeks, let the crowds clear, and then go when I can have a nice, quiet, more immersive experience. At an IMAX, too!

Meanwhile, I’ve been revisiting all the nuclear disaster movies of the 80s that I can remember and find. The most disturbing of the lot are:

I wondered what the hell happened in the late 70s and early 80s that manifested in so many anti-nuclear war movies? So down the rabbit hole I went. I believe the explanation can be found here: The Near Nuclear War of 1983. I never knew anything about all that. I’m actually surprised and that’s why I was motivated to write this post today. It’s something I don’t want to forget.

So that’s twice we came very close to the edge, the Cuban Missile Crisis being the first. Makes me wonder about today, Russia & Ukraine, and whether or not we ought to take Putin’s threats more seriously than seems to be the case.

Brilliant technologists live to see the development of their erudite dreams. Oppenheimer was absolutely brilliant. But he well and truly paid the price for making his dream a reality.

I don’t know if the new movie is going to cover it or not but after Oppenheimer gave his all to the project and the creation of Fat Man and Little Boy the USA turned on him. The FBI was actually on him before the war, they wanted to nail him as a Communist. You can read all about it here on wiki or watch the following:

The Trials of Oppenheimer, a BBC History Documentary

I will, most likely, write my thoughts / review of the movie when I finally see it. If you want to be a brave, communicative soul, post your own thoughts on the movie, the man, and anything else related.